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This chapter's mission is to foster a strong advertising and marketing educational foundation for members and to invest in their future so they are prepared to enter the industry when they graduate.


 We provide a variety of resources that include agency tours at advertising and marketing firms as well as career-building workshops for resumes, portfolios, scholarships and LinkedIn. Our events serve as opportunities to meet, network and learn from industry professionals. In short, our goal is to help our members break into the industry by securing an internship and entry-level job.


account managers

We ensure the agency is meeting a client's needs while managing the Accounts team. We bridge the client and ad agency and ensure the smooth running of client accounts within the agency. We also develop effective working relationships with clients.


We write the copy --  the actual text that goes behind the executed ads.

creative directors

We ensure our clients’ brands are well represented. Nurturing a creative environment where an ad team can flourish by utilizing the talent of the copywriters and art directors. Finding and managing new creative talent and ensuring clients’ brands are well represented.

event planning managers

We organize events in accordance to a brief. A manager is responsible for the planning and production of an event.

graphic designers

We create exciting new designs using images, words and illustrations. This all ties back to interpreting a client’s brief to create something visually striking!


Our team includes digital printing, data processing, and web development.

public relations

We focus on creating positive publicity about a particular company, organization or individual and maintain a good reputation in the public.


Think: Advertising is paid media; PR is earned media.

social media

We utilize social networking websites as a marketing tool. Our goal is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.


We are representatives of the people. We're the truth seekers who work to uncover human insights that guide creative thinking and ultimately results in how a brand represents itself to the world.


Kiran Sankar



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My interests include reading, creating, learning, networking, exploring, eating, and surfing.

Carolina Garza

Vice President

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My interests include art, appreciating nature, and dance music.

Alyssa Y'barbo

Events Chair

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My interests include blogging, reading, eating, Netflix, traveling, shopping, and napping.

Sang Le

Social Media

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My interests include running marathons, food photography, traveling abroad, dancing, and listening to KPop.

Jayleen Rivas

Philanthropy Chair

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My interests include exploring new restaurants, traveling, creating, and hiking with my puppy.




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